Seven Streams Proudly Presents:

Tumblina and Silverlynx's
"Summer Song "
~Cymbrogi Fellowship Forty Five~

  DOB: June 9 , 2014  


(Beautiful Eyes)
Female Black Silver Torti and White

It's hard to believe how much difference a week can make in their maturity.
What a gorgeous girl Shalah is getting to be!

"Are you my new Mom?"

Shalah has big, wide paws, and is a big, solid built girl.

  Shalah's coat is thick and rich in color and tone.
She has a thick heavy tail also as you can see in these pics.
Absolutely love her off-set red flame.



(Clear and Bright)
Female Black Torti and High White
RESERVED for Andrea

Precious face, sweet expression, huge tail beautifully marked,
and all round gorgeous girl.



Tullia (aka Yrsa)
Female Black Silver McTabby and White
RESERVED for Sandra

Love Tullia's head shape and sweet expression.

A stunning coat.

A beautiful mackerel coat, thick and rich, with a heavy tail, beautifully marked.
Tullia is a real beauty.



Male Cream Silver Tabby and White
RESERVED for Andrea

A serious heart-melter.

Tiernay's coat is going to be so beautiful as he matures. 
It's such a light cream, almost white.


(Dew of Heaven)
Female Black Silver McTabby Tortie and White

Such a beauty, Talya is getting to be so elegant.
What a gorgeous triangular head shape, perfect ear placement and lynx tips to boot.

Don't you love Talya's striping.

Great head shape and ear placement.

What a beautiful girl.
 On top of having such a pretty striping, and a beautiful red flame,
she has gorgeous almond eyes.



Female Black Silver Torti and White Tabby

What a tail!!!
Here she is in "Huntress Mode", above and below.
 Turi will keep your house mouse and fly-free.  Spiders won't stand a chance, either.
Guaranteed, or your money back.

Here's a girl with a lot of personality showing already. 
Turi is no couch-potato mealy-mouthed push-over.
She is loud and opinionated.  I'm sure her sweet side will develop with time, haha.
Love her racoon striped tail.

"I want my Mother!"

Here's a beautiful board straight profile, highlighted by a strip of white.

Her beautiful red highlights look professionally done, like a weave.
This is her "Are we almost done with pictures?" look.






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