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Norwegian Forest you can't have just one!


This isn't one of our kittens, but when I saw this picture
I couldn't resist putting it up.  Is this the cutest thing you ever saw?

Having  a Norwegian Forest Cat or Kitten is an adventure!!
This page is dedicated to Photo Fun.


Some people have cats and go on to lead normal lives.

Prints now weighs 23 lbs, David tells me.

Obviously not a Wegie but isn't this adorable.


People often wonder how 2 boys will get along if adopted together.  Here is my answer, below:

Most beds sleep up to six cats.  Ten cats without the owner.

"If man could be crossed with the cat,
it would improve
the man, but would deteriorate the cat.
~ Mark Twain
(I, Gandalf, have spoken)

Humboltdt Wind-Sorrel, "Hummy" out of Lily and Cougara's litter, "Lilies of the Field."

Nothing compares to a little nap in the food dish on a warm, sunny day.

"Maybe I can reach it with my tongue!"

Arwen, after her "bath."  Using the machine is a much quicker, more efficient way
to bathe your kids.  There is much less water damage to the surrounding area,
and the kids come out sparkling clean!
Be sure to hold the lid down tightly through entire cycle.  Just kidding, of course.

Siobhan got the joke, but Minta failed to see the humor.

Toli loves his daily ration of wheat grass.



Do you often feel overwhelmed  with household chores and other responsibilities? 
I have the perfect solution, it's called "Hire-A-Cat".
For a small weekly salary, not only will your cat or kitten lay around all day
in the sun and look beautiful,
 sit on your lap and give you kisses, and cause your grocery bill to skyrocket,
they will also help with
household chores!  
Your cats will also help with dishes,
and they absolutely LOVE to assist you as you sweep and mop the floor! 
The really good news is, they also help with any and all computer work, for absolutely free!

Theido's specialty is "Ladies Lingerie".


"If I can't find a place in front, I'll try coming in from the back!"


Like most women, Arwen is overly concerned about her weight.
         She spends way too much time on the scale.

Here is Tre Tap Eric with his protector, Fender.
Now there's a tail for ya!


Frodo loves the water, so he hangs out where the water supplies are. 
 The dishwasher is a favorite, he spends a lot of time
in the bathtub, watching the water drip,
 and he loves to lay in the sink.




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